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The list of facilities and amenities at Rosewood Parkhomes bring comfort and convenience to your day-to-day living. Hence, you won’t even have to travel outside of the subdivision premises to ensure that you can enjoy leisure and fun. If you plan on investing in your own house and lot unit, you will have plenty to choose from that would fit your kind of lifestyle.

The entry marker is one of the most notable amenities available to Rosewood Parkhomes. Thus, you will be able to easily spot the entrance to this subdivision and also gives it a certain level of prestige. In addition to an entry marker, there is an entrance gate with a guard house on the site. The guard house is designed to help monitor the entry and exit of vehicles to the subdivision. Only residents and authorized guests are permitted access to the subdivision premises. This feature is designed to ensure the safety and security of the homeowners at Rosewood Parkhomes. And speaking of security, the entire residential subdivision is protected by a perimeter to ensure that no unwanted or unauthorized individuals could get access to the subdivision. 

When it comes to your leisure needs, you can also take full advantage of the activity court in Rosewood Parkhomes. This activity court serves multiple purposes and can be used for any sports or activities that you wish to enjoy. In addition to the activity court, there are basketball and badminton courts provided for homeowners to use. Thus, you can select from any of these courts to use for your physical or sports activities that would satisfy your lifestyle needs – whatever that may be.

Another staple facility available at Rosewood Parkhomes is the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is an important facility as it serves as a social area, as well as a potential venue for special events. This is part of the developer’s commitment to bring modern convenience to the homeowners. At the same time, it is a practical addition as you can use this venue instead of renting one for any special occasion. This area is also used by the homeowners for meetings and other activities within the subdivision.

As you would expect, there is also a swimming pool available for residents to enjoy at Rosewood Parkhomes. It is located close to the clubhouse and central amenity area. You can therefore head to this area when you want to enjoy some relaxing time and to cool off during hot summer days. 

To bring a sense of nature to your environment, and to relish the fact that you are living outside a fast-paced city, there are many landscaped gardens throughout Rosewood Parkhomes. The landscaped gardens are also complemented by the many parks and play areas. The presence of lush and green areas makes living in this environment even more relaxing. Thus, you can relish the fresh air and the sight of the lush greenery around you when you wake up in the morning. 

The previously mentioned amenities at Rosewood Parkhomes aim to bring a sense of relaxation and community to the subdivision. You can enjoy them and make every single day comfortable and convenient.

  •  Entry Marker
  • Gate & Guardhouse
  • Activity Court 
  • Park & Play Areas
  • Swimming Pool 
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